How to improve Google Search Engine Rankings with Twitter?


Over the past few years we’ve known twitter to be merely an online social networking service. It served  as (well it still is) a basic micro-blogging platform where users could post status updates of up to 140 characters, follow and interact with other users by re-tweeting and replying to their content;  yeah we all know that! But this post has more to it as it contains facts that will change your perspective of twitter and bet you will start to think about it in a way you’ve never done before.

Unfortunately most twitter users are unaware that twitter can help you to boost your SEO rankings.  Here are 10 points to see how twitter can help you with SEO rankings 

  1. Create a twitter account – Be an active user.

    It’s obvious that this is the first step, but just you having a twitter account and you tweeting your own content don’t get you anywhere when considering Google rankings. There is more to do than publishing links to your own site, as twitter stands it’s a social networking site – you need to connect and interact with appropriate friends and industry coequals of your niche.

  2. SEO friendly username – Be found!

    The username you choose to use in your twitter account has a direct impact on search engine rankings. Say you website is called and the twitter username of the company is @CreativeNFunkyCards it will not help you to go up in SEO rankings. You must be able to find the exact url from the twitter username, therefore it’s important that you get it right the first time. The best and the easiest way to create a username is by using your first and last names. But there can be instances where the username you came up with is already in use. In such situations use your industry relevant keywords as part of the username.Eg. TatooArtistJake, RealEstateAmanda, InteriorDesignerPolly, etc.

  3. Follow your industry’s authority figures – Be a smart follower

    Building correct and relevant relationships with your industry peers is another key point when considering twitter for SEO. Choosing the right people to follow alone will get you somewhere among search engine rankings. Having said that, you need to be smart in choosing the “right” people. There are two types;

    • Become a follower of your competitor’s followers – yes, a sneaky preparation for better SEO rankings in the long run.
    • Follow people who are relevant to your industry – simple and very straight forward.

    Be sure to follow both of the above types as this increases the likelihood of them following you.

    So how is it going to affect your search engine rankings? Well, there is a greater chance of your followers spot links to new content on you website or your blog, and eventually they will re-tweet and share your posts leading to bigger and better rankings for you. Therefore make the fullest effort and build relationships with the relevant and key people and also increase the value of your twitter account by making a list of them.

  4. Business means business – Clear distinguish is important

    Make it a habit to have separate twitter accounts for personal use and business use. Have your personal account showcasing posts of whatever grabs your attention. Use your business account to post quality and relevant content about your product or service and to stay connected with your target market. Also there’s another neat thing about twitter, you can use tools such as TwtPoll and Paywithatweet to create ways to add value to your followers.

  5. Keyword-enriched bio – 140 characters is all you’ve got!

    It is important to optimize your twitter account just as you have done with your website. Use all 140 characters given and be descriptive to the best you can. Include hash tags (as many as you can), key words and phrases, a short description of your business and the url of your website. Use these key words and phrases in your tweets so Google can know the relevancy of your tweets and re-tweets.

  6. Shorter URLs – Ideal!

    By shrinking your urls you will be able to keep track of content that is been mostly viewed, re-tweeted and replied. Here are some of the best url shorteners up to date:, tinyurl,,, Budurl, Hootsuite and TweetDeck.

  7. Quality content goes a long way – Become an ‘authority’ figure in your industry

    The only way to get people to re-tweet your content is to create relevant and quality posts which will make them want to come back, link and share. The quality of your posts will decide your authority in Google. The more people re-tweet your content the more valuable you become in Google – Isn’t this what you want ultimately? Building a strong position in Google won’t happen overnight, it’s a slow and a steady process but eventually you’ll get there. Use all 140 characters effectively to convey your message to your audience. It’s best if you use phrases such as “Don’t Forget to Retweet!”, “Please Retweet!” or even the word “Retweet” in your tweets.

    While concentrating one increasing you rankings via twitter, show some gratitude towards your followers and become a follower to those you like. Organize your account and unfollow followers who aren’t going to follow you at some point. Same applies for those who haven’t tweeted you for ages. It’s clear they will never get back to you or help you to build an authoritative profile.

  8. Retweet posts of other authority figures – Make your tweets retweetable

    If you find some interesting posts on twitter, go ahead and re-tweet them. By doing so, chances of getting your quality content re-tweeted from the other end is high.
    Keep in mind to leave enough space for people to: share your conents, links and reply to your content. This fact is often over looked by many corporate twitter users. If you don’t keep enough space, people might cut off the link to comment and also will not bother to make it short and re-tweet at all – this will definitely have a bad impact on your search engine rankings. So it’s very important that you leave enough space.

  9. Use #hashtags – Get attention

    Use twitter hashtags (#) which are popular and relevant to your industry, eg. #webhosting, #jobs, #socialmedia, #android, #fashion, #photography etc. Hashtags grab peoples’ attention quite easily therefore use them at the beginning of your twitter posts.

  10. Stay connected – That’s what twitter is all about!

    Stay connected with people whom you have already made friends with from social networking sites other than twitter. There is greater possibility of these people becoming your potential and valuable twitter followers and that will be a plus point to you when building your profile. You can easily bring all of them to one place simply by transferring all your LinkedIn contacts directly via twitter and other social media contacts – first to your Gmail and from there to your twitter account. Flowtown is good choice to group shared connections which spread across social sites and still be connected.

These are couple of key point to boost your SEO rankings using twitter. There are many tools in the market which will help you manage your twitter account easily, is one such tool. has ways and means to manage multiple twitter accounts from a single place, separate active followers from the rest while keeping you updated about followers of your own account. Also this tool gives your facts and figures about followers whom you aren’t following back plus it has mechanisms for you to become popular online instantly! Visit to learn more.

By now you would have understood the gravity and capability of social media – well twitter in this case, if it’s utilized to its true potential your every twitter-SEO effort will pay off!